ShockWave Therapy

A Non-Invasive & Effective Treatment For Regenerating & Repairing Bones, Tendons, & Other Soft Tissue to Achieve Long Lasting Pain Relief and Inflammation Reversal.

What is ShockWave Therapy?

Shock-wave therapy is an advanced treatment that uses radial wave technology to activate connective tissues & address pain and inflammation in many types of orthopedic conditions. Using an acoustic wave carrying high energy to the area of complaint, the energy from ShockWave Therapy helps promote regeneration and reparative processes of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues.

Benefits of ShockWave Therapy

New Blood Vessel Formation

ShockWave Therapy results in new blood vessel formation, which in turn improves blood supply and oxygenation of the treated area thus supporting faster healing of both tendons and bones. 

Reversal of Chronic Inflammation 

ShockWave Therapy increases mast cells – a type of white blood cells found in connective tissues  and a key component of the inflammatory process. When activated through ShockWave Therapy, normal healing and regenerative processes result. 

Stimulation of Collagen Production  

Shockwave therapy accelerates collagen production, which allows for repairing and strengthening damaged  myoskeletal and ligamentous structures.

Dissolution of Calcified Fibroblasts

Micro-tears or other trauma to tendons result in calcium build-up and consequently lead to pain, swelling, and other problems, ShockWave Therapy, however, breaks up existing calcifications and allows for repair and relief.

Release of Trigger Points 

Trigger points are the primary cause of back, neck, shoulder, and limb pain. ShockWave Therapy, nonetheless, can release trigger points, thus bringing forth fast and long lasting pain relief.

Long Lasting Pain Relief 

Shockwave Therapy reduces the concentration of Substance P – a neurotransmitter which relays pain messages to your central nervous system and results in intense, persistent and chronic pain.

Indications include, but are not limited to…

  • Disorders of tendon insertions: Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, or heel spur.
  • Plantar fasciitis: An inflammatory condition of the foot caused by excessive wear to the plantar fascia that supports the arch.
  • Retropatellar pain syndrome: Pain in the front, behind, or around the knee cap.
  • Radial and ulnar humeral Epicondylitis: Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow.
  • Inflammation of the tendon attachments: Referring to those on the cubital or radial part of the elbow joint.
  • Proximal iliotibial band friction syndrome / Trochanteric insertion tendonitis: Pain or aching on the outer side of the knee or hip.
  • Tendinitis calcarea/ Supraspinatus Tendon: Shoulder calcification and chronic shoulder pain.
  • Achillodynia: Pain due to inflammation of the Achilles’ tendon or the bursa associated with it.
  • Pulse vibration massage: Soothing relief of muscle strain and stress
ShockWave Therapy

Why Work with Dr. Mehr?

From chiropractic care, ShockWave Therapy, cold laser therapy, and spinal decompression treatments, to sports chiropractics, massage, and nutritional services, Dr. Afshin Kaivan-Mehr with Foothill Family Chiropractic of La Verne, CA can help you eliminate pains and reach your health and fitness goals. With customized treatment plans, Dr. Mehr can help you and your entire family live a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle!

Dr. Mehr’s proven, innovative and hands-on methods can help you eliminate pain, balance your body’s structure, lose weight, improve function, and self-heal with chiropractic care. For 10+ years, Dr. Mehr has been helping patients heal and changing their lives, and he can help you too.

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