“People coming together as a community can make things happen.”

~ Jacob Rees-Mogg

Lots of GREAT info for moms and dads…

Moms of Glendora

  • 4 female only online selling groups for safety (including free, baby & kids only, boutique and yardsale).
  • Female only local discussion group for local Moms (Real Housewives of Glendora) to chat with other local Moms about local events, school, church, community and get Mommy advice.
  • Link to our neighborhood watch groups covering the entire community to share on crime info for our area.
  • Events page on local events (free concerts, movies, community events, etc).
  • Money saving moms, linking to all local area weekly sale flyers plus local kids eat free promos.
  • Homeschool moms page for local homeschooling families
  • Local contractor recommendations: recommended plumbers, HVAC, pool service etc.
  • Around the house help (babysitters, academic and musical tutoring, handyman, cleaning, etc).

Learn more about Moms of Glendora and their upcoming Glendora area Vacation Bible Schools – Summer 2017 HERE!