Car Accident Chiropractor

Car Accident Chiropractor, La Verne, CA – When you’re involved in a car accident, understandably you find yourself asking a lot of questions. Who’s at fault? Who pays to fix the cars? Will you receive a rental car? Who pays for the medical bills? Can you be reimbursed for time off work? Without answers, you may find yourself under a lot of confusion, stress, and anxiety.
Car accident chiropractor

Accordingly, it’s suggested to seek out a car accident attorney, who knows the law and procedural rules to help ease your mind and advocate in your best interest. Since many of these auto accident attorneys work on a contingent fee basis, meaning they don’t get paid unless you win, it’s in your benefit to work with an attorney.

However, while attorneys help with liability concerns, negotiation strategies, and settlement…who helps with the physical damage placed upon your body after an accident? Who helps treat visible and non-visible injuries? Who helps you heal faster and refrain from developing future pain and injuries? A CAR ACCIDENT CHIROPRACTOR IS WHO!

In the event you are involved in a car accident, in addition to taking accurate pictures and record of the scene, exchanging information with the other driver(s), and contacting your insurance and attorney, you should contact your chiropractor regardless to whether you “feel fine” or not.

Many times, due to such factors as shock and/or the adrenaline rush from the accident, you do not immediately experience signs of injury. In fact, symptoms can be hidden for days or longer. For instance, let’s look at whiplash.

Whiplash from a Car Accident

Whiplash occurs when your spine abruptly thrusts forward, commonly what happens during a car accident. Consequently, your tendons, muscles, and ligaments along the spinal column can be damaged in the process. While symptoms may not immediately be noticed, eventually you’ll find yourself suffering from back /neck pain, stiffness, and possibly headaches or migraines.

Herniated or Bulging Disc from a Car Accident

Or, you may find yourself suffering from a herniated or bulging disc. These injuries arise when your bursa, a small fluid-filled sack located between the vertebrae of the spine, dislodges or otherwise forces itself out of its position due to the accident. Symptoms from a herniated or bulging disc are serious and present localized pain at the back of your neck.

If you find yourself in pain, you can ice the area to help reduce the pain and swelling. After the swelling has gone down, usually after 2 to 3 days, you can swap out the ice and begin applying moist heat (i.e. warm, wet towels or warm baths). From there, when the symptoms have diminished, you may wish to try gentle stretches.

Benefits of a Car Accident Chiropractor

But as mentioned, it’s crucial that regardless of the symptoms you are experiencing, you obtain a chiropractic assessment from an experienced car accident injury chiropractor, as Dr. Mehr, first. Hidden symptoms, when gone untreated, result in more long term damage and pain. I can’t stress this enough, if you’re in a car accident and/or find yourself suffering from signs of spinal injuries, herniated discs, or the like, affecting your back or neck, a chiropractor is in the best position to help you. A car accident chiropractor will conduct an evaluation to understand your symptoms and correspondingly decipher the best healing treatment for your injury and lifestyle.

Treatment may include manual adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, laser therapy, etc…set to correct spinal imbalances, improve blood flow and oxygen, as well as promote the natural healing processes in your body.

Headaches, dizziness, numbness, stiffness, memory problems, neck pain, as well as back pain post auto accident may last for months. If untreated, the pain will radiate to other parts of your body affecting your health and even morphing into chronic conditions affecting your quality of life. Therefore, finding a chiropractor after a car accident is important for immediate relief and long lasting healing.

A final thought, if you are in a car accident, from an insurance standpoint, it is also best to be examined by a chiropractor within three days of the accident, otherwise it may discredit your case. Often times, car insurance companies reduce the value of a case if they notice the claimant waited days before seeking medical treatment. In their perspective, if you wait to see a professional, then your injuries were not that serious in the first place. For this reason alone, it’s in your best interest to see a chiropractor as soon as possible.