Losing 20 lbs in 21 days

Congratulations Jacquelyn Lau for losing 20lbs and winning Dr. Mehr’s 21 Day Purification Challenge at Foothill Family Chiropractic. It was a tight competition, however at the end, Jacquelyn had the highest drop in Body Mass Index (BMI).
losing 20 lbs
Although Jacquelyn is constantly on the go between work and school, with the help of the 21 Day Purification Process, she was able to incorporate healthier foods into her life and make better health choices. Watch what Jacquelyn has to say regarding her experience and success with the program:
We are so proud and happy for Jacquelyn on her 20lb weight loss and increased energy over the 21 day challenge. This is just the start of her journey and we foresee great success as she proceeds in achieving her health goals.
To learn more about the 21 Day Purification Process, please visit our blog.

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