Weight loss

There are so many diets, workouts, and weight loss methods in existence that I’m not going to add another one to your list. What I am going to add is some personal advice to help you stay on track to reach your weight loss goals, regardless of which weight loss plan you embark upon. You see, at Foothill Family Chiropractic, we are about giving you the ability and solutions to live a healthy and active lifestyle. So without any further ado, my number one tip…Create a Place for Success.

Weight Loss

Allow me to elaborate, to Create a Place for Success to achieve weight loss, you should…

1) Organize & simplify the kitchen – What I mean is, you should organize your kitchen and fridge in a manner where it’s easier for you to cook at home and meal prep if need be. You should replace the processed and non-nutritional foods (at least most of them) with healthier options. You should pull out those gadgets that at one point you invested in thinking it’s going to make cooking easier.

For instance, rather than having chips and cookies at arms-length, wash and cut-up fruit and then place them in class containers in the fridge for healthy and quick snacks. Or, instead of resorting to a drive-thru for a quick dinner, prepare a batch of ground turkey or black beans and use it to make speedy tacos, serve it with steamed veggies, or over brown/basmati rice. The idea is if it’s easy and accessible, you’ll avoid resorting to the convenient, yet unhealthy option.

2)  Practice morning and evening rituals – If you’re like the many bogged down with a busy schedule, it’s easy to lose sight of your health and wellness. Therefore, start getting into the habit of practicing a morning and evening ritual, even if it means having to wake up earlier. For instance, every morning you can wake up and start you day by taking your vitamins, perhaps some tea with apple cider vinegar, squeeze in a quick workout (even something as short as some jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats, lunges, and push-ups before you hop into the shower), and then a healthy breakfast, followed with some time for reflecting and setting your game plan for tackling the day.  Then in the evening, your ritual can focus on preparing you for a good night’s rest, as studies confirm lack of sleep causes weight gain.

3) Remove stress and toxins – In addition to excess calories and lack of sleep, stress is also shown to cause weight gain as a result of the rise in the cortisol hormone. As such, reduce your stress inducers (even if that means particular responsibilities or relationships).

4) Write it down – I’m not saying to write down the calories and macro/micro nutrients for everything you eat, even though that can be some great data to work with. However, what I am suggesting is to choose an average day and write down everything you eat just so you can get an idea of how much and what you’re consuming. The numbers may in fact surprise you since everything at the end of the day does add up. And if it adds up to equal or more than what your body needs to function, then that’s your reason of why the scale isn’t budging or is moving in the upward direction. Luckily, with all the phone apps these days, such tracking can be a lot easier than you think.

5) Eat right & move – There’s no magic pill. Losing weight requires eating right and being active. In its simplest terms, it requires creating a caloric deficit. In other words, you need to take in enough nutritional calories for the body to function properly, however, in turn you need to burn more calories than your body needs to lose weight. As far as what calories, I’m not one to recommend deprivation because deprivation makes it hard to last in the long run. However, I am suggesting on cutting back on the sugars and starches. Besides the fact that these tend to be empty calories, these foods are known to stimulate a secretion of insulin, which is considered the main fat storage hormone in the body. That said, strive for a balance of lean proteins, low-carb veggies, and health fats per meal.

There you have it, my quick advice on how to help you stay on track to lose weight. And if you are thinking about losing weight, then reach out to my office. Foothill Family Chiropractic offers the treatments and resources to help you reach your weight loss goals as well! (909) 596-1038

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